Interior Painting

  • Our high quality painters have the skill and expertise to meet your interior painting needs.
  • We’re cautious and neat.
  • We move all furniture.
  • We use drop cloths at all times.
  • All switch and outlet plates are removed.
  • A room is never left partially finished.
  • Your home is left clean at the end of each working day.
  • We perform general repairs, such as replacing sheet rock, taping, texturing and sanding.
  • We perform all painting needs – walls, ceiling, trim and woodwork.
  • We stain and varnish, and can use special finishes.
  • Yes, we can change that dark stain woodwork to a beautiful oil semi-gloss finish.

Generally speaking, interior painting jobs require more coordination and preparation than exterior paint jobs. For example:

  • We protect all carpeting, tile, and hardwood floors with drop cloths, plastic, or builder paper (as appropriate).
  • We move furniture to the center of the room and covered with plastic.
  • We remove and reinstall all switch plates and outlet covers.
  • We remove and reinstall window shades and blinds (but not curtains).
  • We seal (using primer) any ceiling or wall stains.
  • We fill all nail holes and small cracks.
  • We caulk all cracks along doorjambs, baseboards, and ceiling crowns.
  • We scuff, sand, and clean all wood prior to painting it.
  • We perform any and all repairs mentioned on the estimate.
  • We attempt to remove wallpaper first, but switch to other methods if removal is damaging the wallboard.

Once all that is done, for an additional fee, we can bring in a color consultant to help you match colors (if you so desire), work with you to apply samples, and urge you to record your color choices so that you can have that information for future reference.

Once we’ve applied the paint, we clean up all trash (including drop cloths, plastic, and tape) and move furniture back to where it belongs. We reinstall all switch plates, outlet covers, and shades/blinds.