Lath and Plaster

System 1 also specializes in lath and plaster ceilings. Many homes in Southern California are made with lath and plaster. S & S was the most popular builder to use this building process. Most acoustic removal companies do not work on these types of homes because it takes much more skill to re-plaster these types of ceilings. Instead, they will either pass on the work, or recommend that you hang dry wall over the plaster, and then texture. Not only does this ruin the integrity of your ceiling with weight, but it takes much more time and is almost three times as expensive! System 1 uses a light-weight, fast-drying compound that makes your ceilings look brand new! And it’s all done in a day with no mess. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done, we’ve been doing it for 30 years. Give us a call for a FREE estimate today! 1-800-698-4410

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Specialists

  • 1 Day No Mess on Most Jobs.
  • Our owner will visit your home for a free estimate.
  • We Specialize in Ceilings, don’t trust just any painter to get the texture consistent from wall to wall or room to room!
  • We can install or upgrade your ceiling lighting at the same time!

Acoustic ceiling removal in Los Angeles has been System 1’s main focus.  System 1 has been the leader of acoustic ceiling removal in Southern California for 30 years.

Using state of the art equipment, our highly skilled staff can remove your old popcorn ceilings in a day or less with no mess. We use the highest grade of materials possible, and we offer many textures to choose from. Our estimators bring texture and paint samples to your home, so you can see the quality of the work yourself. In addition, we also specialize in wall texturing, dry wall, and full interior and exterior painting.